Man is the perfection of the universe; the spirit is the perfection of man;
love is the perfection of the spirit, and charity that of love.

St Francis de Sales

Quite apart from possessing rights, man also has duties, first among them the duty of charity. Charity must fit itself to meet every need; it must reach out to those with every kind of wound – wounds to the body, wounds to the soul, wounds to the heart, and wounds to the spirit.


Saint Lazare is a charity carrying out charitable and humanitarian work in over thirty countries across the world, giving aid to thousands of people in need, people who are sick, people who are society’s ‘rejects’. Through its members and volunteers, Saint Lazare brings the light of hope to those who are overwhelmed by misfortune, to those dying of hunger, to those who are forgotten, to those who are ravaged by disease and to the innocent victims of others’ barbarity.


Day by day, through the determined labours of thousands of volunteers, Saint Lazare contends with human misery, the tragic reality of the world that knocks upon our door…